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Preparation of products

Our products are specially prepared in our model and stitched.

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It did not start as if everything looked like shan... From 1998 onwards...

EMEK Clothing, which entered the activity in textile sector with wholesale store in Istanbul in 1998, started to produce and started to mention its name as the leading company in its sector.

The result of the combination of modern technology tools, used fabrics, yarns and accessories in accordance with world standards with quality workmanship is the business ethics of EMEK CLOTHING.

SWASS brand has been formed under the Emek Giyim roof together with the need for branding in the developing world every day. Consumer needs have become one of the sought-after names of SWASS women's clothing with the requirements of modern life, original and innovative style. Retail stores directly brought products to consumers.

Over the years, it has developed and preserved its identity.

Our mission is to maintain our efficiency in domestic and foreign markets by protecting consumer satisfaction;

Our vision is to provide a permanent place for Turkish brands in world markets.

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Sefa Merve


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"Ürünler oldukça kaliteli. Swass çalışanları hem satın almada hemde satın almadan sonra her zaman yardımcı oldu." ~ Hazal Tekin

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